A balanced endocannabinoid system is a body in homeostasis – a stable equilibrium between a body’s interdependent elements. This system has receptors, that when triggered by the person ingesting a cannabinoid, is put into balance. We know that due to the presence of daily stressors and the lack of sufficient nutrients in our food and so many other worldly issues, almost all of us have some level of deficiency in our endocannabinoid system. So, whether you have a severe ailment, or you don’t think you have any ailment – it will do a body good; a body in balance. 

How do I fit CBD into my personal and daily healthcare regimen?

Our CBD products come in many forms, ranging from sublingual oils and topical to personal care products. When finding the form that’s right for you, it really depends on your lifestyle and personal preference.

The sublingual tincture is always the base product for even the ‘healthiest’ of bodies.  This is the case across the world today – which is why you always hear people say “CBD OIL.”  This is the most effective because it doesn’t hit the acids in your stomach and it’s simplest to dose precisely because you can use the exact mg that you find your body needs. You can adjust as needed – as little, or as much, for whatever your unique needs, some oil under the tongue and you go about your day.  

Balance, Balance, Balance

However, there is so much more to daily wellness. Our product, Vitalize is a simple and unique blend of CBD + Moringa in a capsule. This could seamlessly fit into your morning routine and would be a great addition to any existing wellness regimen because this includes an important key – nutrition! And just like the cannabinoids, it’s in the plant family (because avoiding synthetics is the goal).  

The moringa tree contains over 90 nutrients and 45 antioxidants, which pushes it to the top of the superfoods list. A single serving of moringa contains more vitamin C than seven oranges, three times the amount of potassium of a banana and four times the amount of calcium found in the same amount of milk. Even those who are eating clean, healthy diets are rarely always getting the daily recommended amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Vitalize capsules can help with that; they provide all of the nutrients and health-promoting properties you need and will keep you feeling vibrant and energized all day, without a synthetic boost nor terrible crash. As an additional benefit, a fueled body will more easily accept CBD and its benefits. So together, they work beautifully!  Our experience and that of our customers is that a combination of tincture oil and Vitalize is an ideal wellness bundle. 

Simple and easy as 1-2-3, whether you feel you have 1 need, 5 needs or zero needs – CBD can and will change your life.  

Is it addictive?

CBD is not addictive, meaning you can continually use the same dose in your health care regimens.  Even better, because CBD is really just a body balancer, once the body is in balance, often times a person can begin using a smaller maintenance dose than what they originally started out with using. Furthermore, CBD is a non-psychotropic compound, meaning users won’t have to deal with the distractions that accompany a euphoric high. This makes CBD that much easier to add to your daily wellness regimen.  You can go about your day feeling like a really balanced version of yourself!  

CBD supplements help balance your body’s systems and by adding vital nutritional elements and promote healthy living. If you’re interested in incorporating CBD into your daily regimen, please give us a call at (225) 428-9705 or read more on our website. We’d love to chat more about the benefits of CBD, how to fit CBD into your life, and which bundle is best for you!