Whether you work out once a day, once a week or once a month, we can all agree on one thing: burning calories takes a major toll on our bodies. Likewise, having a fitness plan takes dedication – dedication to go to the gym, dedication to stay focused, and dedication to take care of your body post-workout. Using products and vitamins to help aid in these areas can be beneficial, but just like working out is important, so is putting the right things into your body! If you’re a fitness advocate, fitness guru, or plain ole’ gym junkie, here are a few reasons why CBD is useful to you!

Before your workout, it’s important to get focused. Maintaining the right mindset, setting goals, and laying aside your day-to-day stresses can get in the way of your fitness routine pretty easily. Using a natural, safe supplement that aids with focus and energy can be the game-changer of all gym routines.

Vitalize is a capsule made up of 10mg of CBD added to pure, organic, non-GMO Moringa leaf. This combination provides all of the nutrients and health-promoting properties you need in a day, while increasing focus and energy. Rather than putting in 30 minutes of work, you may find yourself focused long enough to last even longer in the gym!

Gym Time
When working out, your body needs to feel fueled. Balancing your endocannabinoid system placing your body in a state of homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system has receptors, that when triggered by the person ingesting a cannabinoid, puts it into this state of balance.

Using a product like WellGels, easy to swallow gelcaps, in a gym setting not only gives you the benefit of convenience, but also gives your body the benefits of optimal health.

Post WorkOut
After working out, most people experience soreness and pain. It’s a common thing that follows beginners and experienced gym-goers. However, the one mishap that beginners and experienced fitness gym-goers forget is the self-care needed post-workout that eliminates and decreases the possibility of injury. Good recovery routines add to your fitness routine!

The body’s endocannabinoid system contains hundreds of receptors, including the CB1 receptors, which are directly responsible for your brain’s ability to process pain. What does that mean? Using CBD not only helps you focus and gain the energy needed to begin a workout, but it also helps with recovery post-workout. Filling these receptors with the right things reduces the pain experienced post-workout.

Like we said, fitness takes dedication. Dedication to the gym, dedication to food choices, and dedication to self. Combing CBD to a fitness routine not only increases your fitness performance, but helps balance your body to the homeostatic state it should be in. If you have questions about CBD, how to use products to help with your fitness goals, or want to find out more about the science behind CBD, we’d love to help! Contact us for more information!